ForYouMed gives them light in the dark

We Care

ForYouMed not only helps with medical equipment or organising charity events, but also helps physically during the humanitarian missions of See and Smile and H.E.L.P.

We Care

Building a healthier tomorrow

We also support local doctors with advanced medical training to help them on their path to becoming surgeons. Everyone works as a volunteer. With many partners, we manage to bring medicine and equipment and also support medical training as surgeons for local people.

Together with the plastic surgeons, ophtalmologists, dentists, oral surgeons, nurses and opticians we go to Asia and Africa to operate on cleft lip, palate and eye surgery. We give away more than 100 used glasses collected in Belgium at the ophtalmologists office to people who do not need an operation but have reduced vision.

As for us it is a great and indescribable experience. We get to know interesting people, make people happy and get so much happiness in return. We all have one goal : helping those who are in need with patience and loving kindness.

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