Surgical Loupes and Portable LED Headlights

  • Sports Headband
    Sports Headband
  • Glasses with LED
    Glasses with LED
  • Xenosys L2S14C Wireless LED Dental Headlight
    Xenosys L2S14C Wireless LED Dental Headlight

The Xenosys XD Light offers an unbeatable clear light solution for modern surgeons . Wear the Led lights on your surgical loupes, your glasses or with a headband.

The L2S14C Wireless Led Headlight has the batteries integrated into the semi-rigid headband. Carrying case included.

The Xenosys Loupes (Looks) are the lightest and have the biggest field of view (FOV) you will find on the market.


Prof. Dr. Alexis Verpaele

Plastic Surgeon | Ghent Belgium
The brightness, longevity and lightweight of the loupes and lamps are amazing!!!
With an attractive price, on site training and a great service.

Dr. Bernard Depypere

Ghent, Belgium

In my opninion loupes are an essential part of a surgeons' equipment if you want to give your patients high-end state of the art treatment. 
Therefore I would highly recommend these loupes. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the service and support is excellent.

Prof.Dr. Koen Van Landuyt

Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon | Ghent, Belgium

Wearing ForYouMed loupes with led light are a must in surgery!! No headaches, no tired eyes, no back and neck pains just comfort and ergonomic  Posture. Service and support is great!


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